We are iNKhaus. It’s nice to meet you!

Quality Design work

iNKhaus offers high quality design work at a most affordable price.  We are proud of our work and level of service.

Award Winning

Derick Taljaard, Owner and Creative Director of iNKhaus, is an award winning artist/designer.

Task orientated

iNKhaus brings the client what the client wants – We stick to the Brief and the Budget!

Located In South Africa

iNKhaus is located but not restricted to South Africa.  Our Office is situated in Pretoria, the capital city, but also work from Johannesburg and Capetown.

Meet The Owner.

Derick’s Bio

Derick Taljaards’s career spanded over 16 years and covered most of the realm of advertising and design.  After graduating from the Tswane University of Technology (previously known as Technikon Pretoria) in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, Derick began his full-time career at Gallo Records. Derick worked on several small and large scale productions from local artists to international artists , advertisements, release sheets, formal documents and dtp work.

While working on this myriad of national and international artists, Derick developed the skills necessary to discern great quality as an above and below the line designer. During this time Derick worked for such client’s as Johannes Kerkorrel, Madonna, REM, Mirriam Makeba, Winnie Mashaba, Lucky Dube, Soweto Gospel Choir to name but a few.

Derick delt extensively with matters of packaging design, photography and problem solving. He undertook his first international design experience during 2001 and 2002 and did freelance work for the Desktop People group in London.

Late 2002 Derick resumed his career at Jonnic Entertainment group, during which he received a SAMA award for Best Packaging Design.

Derick formed his own Advertising company, Inkhaus Design, starting of with clients like EMI, 999 music and Coleski Artists.

During 2009 Derick also did freelance work for Sony Pictures in Sydney Australia where he has worked on below the line advertising and packaging.

Derick works extensively with all his clients and was also nominated for a ‘Geraas’ award recently.

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Design Costs

$ 40

per hourFor customised per project pricing please phone us on 072 134 5047 or mail us alda@inkhaus.co.za


any per project and budget

50% on acceptance 50% on deliveryFor customised per project pricing please phone us on 072 134 5047 or mail us alda@inkhaus.co.za


Owner/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer/Producer/Creative Director

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