Fashions fade, style is eternal

Here are 5 of the latest Graphic Design TRENDS!!

 according to 99designs ( – images and information

Are they STYLISH or just a FASHION craze?

1.  Create a responsive LOGO

Companies have or are busy refreshing their logos into a more modern and simplified version
Responsive logo concepts by Joe Harrison
iNKhaus thinks a new responsive logo will add eternal style to your business. Because everybody is using and doing business on their phone, the app look is in, minimalism is in and so the logical next step will be to simplify and streamline your existing logo – make it more responsive for the demands of today and the next couple of years at least.


Paying attention to the details in the design can really take your micro/gif to the next level.
iNKhaus thinks larger animations can be an excellent form of communicating ideas and concepts. It will not only add interest to ads, email newsletters, illustrations, icons and logos but can also make your logos or image look slick, clever and extremely appealing. It might just be a trend, but a worthwile one to use at the moment. Only downfall is that it might be a bit more expensive to create but well worth the expense!


Bolden website screenshot


Album artwork
iNKhaus think this is great for retail and getting your name OUT THERE! We do love experimental and artistic typography more though, we think it’s more creative and stylish.


Rocket custom illustrations
Practical or Artistic, CUSTOM GRAPHICS, ART and ILLUSTRATION are back! and a growing trend — Nothing says STYLE quite like CUSTOME MADE!

Delicate watercolor illustration
iNKhaus thinks custom art creates personality within your brand, unique to your business or image.

       5. VINTAGE

Salami label design
Vintage is TIMELESS! This trend will always be popular, making it a stylinh choice! It may contradict
minimalism but the pure beautiful and carefuly crafted logos makes it a favourate choice!


iNKhaus designed these images a few years earlier seems like it only short MOTION then we are spot on the 2018 trends!

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