iNKhaus has been in the service of many clients over the past 18 years. We delivered various forms of branding, design, media, advertising, video, animation and merchandising within our own diverse borders and abroad in the UK and Australia. We do not only deliver a personal service to our clients but treat every client equaly important, big or small! Our pricing strategy is completely competative, market and even budget orientated.

Our fees are affordable and negotiable!

Give us a try! You’ve got nothing to loose, but a FRESH NEW LOOK and an excellent BRAND to gain.

Graphic design

Design is our core business - We love what we do! Creativity and Branding in your business, is today almost the most important aspect - to stand out and to look great will give you that edge over your competitor.

We can build you or your business an image from logo development and corporate identity to creative design elements, advertising and printing.

Our services include and does not exclude any other graphic design element:

* Illustration
* Design
* Merchandising
* Packaging
* Logo development
* Infographics
* 3d graphics
* Retail ads
* Corporate Identity
* Annual Financial Statements
* Books, magazines, cd and dvd - cover and layout
* Typography
* Print

Web design & Social Media

iNKhaus offers very attractive packages concerning webdesign (front and back), domain registration, hosting and design elements to compliment your brand and advertise your product or service.

We offer social media and advertising for your business through excellent designed consumer related ad's, infographics, special effects, intro video's, animations, running specials and/or product/services banners.

iNkhaus can also manage your social media by uploading your artwork and branding on all platforms - (facebook/twitter/you tube) - We offer packages for weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly needs.

Creative Photography

We offer attractive packages and the following services.

*Corporate -staff and/or Products
*Company brand/image creation
*Drone Photography

Infographics, Videos, New Media

iNKhaus offers very attractive packages concerning Intro Videos, Lyric Videos, Animations, Logo Animation, Interactive design elements to compliment your brand and advertise your product or service successfully. We are also very well priced for Drone video projects and above the line advertisements.

We also provide:

*Infographic Animation *Movement *Teazers *Editing *Special effects *Film/video *Menus *Smartphone interfacing *UI/UX design